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Abundance Window


St Peter & St Paul Church Tonbridge



Genre of work

Worship & spiritual


Contemporary stained glass with leadwork, soldering and also fused glass pieces


850cm x 450cm


A contemporary stained glass window commission installed in the downstairs coffee lounge. Being a hospitality area of the church building a theme of fish and the abundance of God’s provision formed a springboard for design and research. Two pieces of scripture were selected to inspire and inform:

John 21: 5-10
Fishing Scene on the Sea of Galilee

John 10:10b
“I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance”

The starting point for exploration into the composition was the reality of the resurrection.

Historically, 2000 or so years ago, the death of Jesus had just taken place.  Now, the tomb was empty and the resurrected Christ, who still bore the marks of the nails and spear at the hands of the Roman crucifixion, was beginning to appear to the disciples.  The disciples, overwhelmed and grieving, were trying to get on with life doing what they knew best…fishing.  Yet, all night long they had caught nothing.

Just as dawn was breaking and the sky and sea were filling with colour, Jesus comes again and calls out to them from the shore instructing them to throw their net on the other side of the boat:  the nets were filled to over flowing and in a flash they knew who it was.

Bold colours were chosen to charge the atmosphere with lively energy of a new day dawning.

The image of Christ flinging out his arms to unfurl the net of his abundance became the main thrust of the design using the Golden Spiral in geometry as a way of drawing the eye through the curves.

We see the lines of a fishing net being cast out over the water with Christ at the heart of the spiral. The intention was to create an energy as the fish leapt out of the lake at the same time as Christ releases them out into creation, connecting it all together with a sense of oneness and abundance.

From conception to completion, it has been a joy working with Hilary. The window is truly inspired and a joy to behold whenever I venture over to the church to share a cup of coffee.
David Balcombe – Church Warden & Team Leader for The Abundance Window

A wonderful vision and brilliant craftmanship.  The window is a fantastic focal point to the church refurbishment.
Paul Jagger – Project Team for The Abundance window

I wish you could hear the comments from people of all ages, when they see the window.  They think it is so beautiful and it is exactly the talking point you hoped it would be.
Di Dartnell – Project Team for The Abundance window